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The Business of the HR Crisis

It should come as no surprise that the latest research is indicating that Australian businesses are "under threat due to the increasing complex economic and labour market".

The latest white paper released by the HR Coach Research Institute talks to the maturation in professional services to Australian businesses in most professional areas (for example legal, accounting, sales and IT).  Titled "The Business of the HR Crisis", it discusses the effect a lack of effective people management practices is having over an estimated 651,000 businesses.

Some of the conclusions in the white paper include:

  • The effects of uncertainty on the confidence of employers and strategic direction;
  • The increasing management fatigue beginning to be seen due to down-sizing of workplaces
  • The effect on small businesses of not being able to attract or retain employees
  • The effect of struggling with paperwork and compliance
  • The compounding effect of industrial relations and Health and Safety legislation changes.

The cost of labour is the biggest cost on most businesses. This cost is exacerbated by the inability for business to have access to effect people management advice and solutions. This white paper discusses this in detail and delivers a conclusion which is not only interesting but in line with our People Smartz philosophy that "People Drive Results".

I highly recommend downloading the full white paper and would be interested in hearing your comments through our forum.

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