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Compliance Audit: Business & People Reviews

Australia's industrial relations laws, awards and standards are now beginning to hit business in Australia.

The Fair Work Act has now been in affect since 2010.  It is only now that businesses are really beginning to understand the impact of these laws.  Yet, even with this increased understanding, recent audits have found up to 75% of Australia's Small to Medium sized businesses are not compliant in some way.

These awards and standards increase the level of compliance for business and can increase costs, wages and overheads.  As well as this breaches of the new laws can cost your business in:

  • Repayment of lost wages to your employees
  • Fines - up to $33,000 on each occasion
  • Loss of Productivity and Profitability
  • Increased turnover and decreased employee satisfaction

There are many actions you can take to ensure your business is compliant and save you money - but first you need to know what they are!

People Smartz can help you!

A People Smartz Business and People Review will help you to decide how to protect your business. It Includes:

  • Review against the Australia's New Fair Work Act
  • An initial visit to your workplace
  • Completion of staff policies and processes checklist
  • Review of one of your employment agreements
  • Debrief visit and Written report on the above with recommendations

This is $800 in value – and it is YOURS for FREE!

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