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enableHR Launch Training and Development Module

Training can play an important role in the success of any business, but as retention rates begin to slide, ensuring your training efforts are effective is more important than ever.

To help you better identify and manage the training needs of your employees, enableHR has launched a new training and qualifications management module, so you can better direct your training efforts, minimise the effects of key staff turnover, improve HR compliance and HR risk management.

Whether you need to enhance customer service, increase sales, achieve more efficient production, or use technology to automate manual processes throughout your business, you’ll achieve the best return on your training investment by identifying your company’s qualifications and training needs. 

With the new enableHR module, you can track the qualifications, training and skills of candidates, employees, contractors and volunteers, and analyse current workforce skills and qualifications.

enableHR Training Reports

This new feature allows you to record and report on all qualifications held by employees along with their associated expiry date. This means you can identify when an employee has gained or completed a qualification or accreditation, as well as update an expired qualification with a renewal without losing the history tracked for that initial qualification.

Comprehensive reporting allows managers to list employees with specific qualifications, and compare roles to identify qualifications needed, gained or required, as well as list roles with qualification details and which roles share specific qualifications to help streamline training needs.

The new module also features an alert tool to schedule training requirement reminders and facilitate additional training prior to expiry dates if required. By capturing and reporting on qualifications held by your workers, candidates, contractors and volunteers you can better manage additional training requirements and in doing so, enhance operational efficiency with better employee productivity and engagement.

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