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enableHR Launches Self Service

Tony Perkins - Friday, April 10, 2015

enableHR has launched the employee self service module to Australia's leading online HR and WHS system - enableHR. Called "enable Self Service" (eSS), this system allows employees of any size organisation access to many aspects of their employment records - improving communication and compliance.

Rather than becoming bogged down in answering routine queries and performing HR admin, by giving your employees access to their HR data, they can perform everyday HR tasks themselves. This way, they won’t need to ask you for help. 


By reducing your employees’ reliance on you to perform administrative support tasks, you can cut costs and response times while improving HR efficiency, productivity and compliance.

enable Self Service empowers your employees to have a much higher level of control over their data. This in turn, reduces the amount of routine data queries, requests, and transactions they make directly to you or your HR staff.

Paperless Induction

Paperless induction and management is easy with eSS. Steamline onboarding with electronic document execution, digitally sign new starter forms, implement configurable workflows and capture bank details, training and other key documents directly from the candidate or worker  for an improved employee experience.

Update personal information

With eSS, your employees can view and update their personal information such as home address, contact details, and emergency contacts online. And they can do this on their smartphone, tablet or desktop devices, anywhere, any time. So even if they are away on a business trip or working from home, they can still easily log into their account to view or update their data.

This not only helps your employees to better manage their time, it reduces the amount of tedious work that you have to undertake, freeing you up to focus on more strategic jobs.

Update training and qualifications

With eSS, they can also log their training history, and update trade or professional qualifications as and when they are attained. At the same time, whenever updates are made, or when licenses or competencies such as First Aid Certificates are due to expire, managers are automatically notified. This empowers all your workers to take more responsibility and proactively manage ongoing training and development requirements.

Report hazards and incidents

In addition, a big part of enableHR is WHS management. With eSS, your employees can report or record hazards and incidents in a matter of a few clicks, while ensuring compliance with company policies and government regulations.

Due diligence

It’s critical that you have confirmation that your employees have both received and read your company HR policies or Code of Conduct. Through eSS, you can streamline this administrative process and have your employees acknowledge your company’s HR policies from within the self-service portal. You can see at a glance if any employees have not acknowledged a particular policy, and follow up directly through the self service portal.

Cost Savings

By empowering employees to handle routine HR admin themselves with direct data access, eSS not only reduces your organisation’s reliance on the HR manager, but as it’s paperless, it eliminates the often fractured and unreliable paper trail. In all eSS adds convenience, improves data accuracy, and control.

Like to see eSS in Action?

Contact us today to arrange your demonstration and to find out more!


Many thanks to our friends at enableHR for the wording of this article!

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